Exam Results 2017



Reepham College A Level Results


We are delighted to report that for the seventh successive year Reepham's A Level results were exceptional. Our students achieved the best results of any Norfolk state funded post 16 provider, outperformed those of several prestigious private schools and achieved close to the same outcomes as two highly selective private schools in Norwich.


As in previous years we anticipate being identified as in the top 40 (out of 1500) post 16 institutions in England and Wales, as measured by the progress students make between the ages of 16 and 18.




35% of all grades were at A* or A


66% of all grades were at A*, A or B


89% of all grades were at A*, A, B or C


Over one in nine of our students achieved at least two A* grades and an A grade and 5% of our students gained three or more A* grades.









GCSE Results


Details to follow shortly - September 2017