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Stationary Appeal for the Mchisu School in Malawi 2015


A sub-committee of the School Council meets periodically to decide on fund raising activities for the benefit of the community and to respond to requests for help from outside agencies. The school is proud of its record of charity support. Charity giving is seen as developing a caring approach and developing an understanding of the challenges many people have to face.

The School Council have made donations for 2014-2015 to the following charities through Mufti Days :
British Heart Foundation
Diabetes UK
BBC's Children in Need
Break Charity - GoGoDragons!
DEC Nepalese Earthquake Appeal
East Anglian Air Ambulance
Other charity work includes Sugar for Shelters Appeal, Stationary Appeal for the Mchisu School in Malawi, Wear Something Christmassy day for Save the Children.